Clarissa and Olivia

Success for Allendale young riders

Photo (left): Clarrisa and Allendale Karite (Kizzie) after their presentation on becoming wightlink dressage champions at prelim. In this competition held over 5 events she won one 1st three 2nd's and one 3rd. This gave her enough points to win this class out right. Thanks for this achievement also have to go to Lynn, Sarah and Tom for helping with different parts of the training for horse and rider. Clarrisa would also like to thank all those that came up and supported her during the 5 different tests.
Photo (right): Olivia and Allendale Azure (Blue) after their presentation on becoming the winter reserve champions at the 18inch disipline. This is Olivia's first major success in a 4 stage winter series. Olivia would like to thank Lynn and Sarah for all there hard work to helping her achieve this goal.